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Wireless roadwork measurements

This project consist over a very large roadwork in the Netherlands +/- 20 km long and 500 meter wide. The whole project is equipped with over 250 wireless sensors to measure the waterpressure in the sanddunes . These battery powered sensors work in a mesh network mode working in the 868Mhz ISM band. Several solar powered base units communicates with the slave units gathering all the measurement data at supply them to a visualisation tool communicating over the GSM network. Data is concentrated to TinySense-RF concentrators. The TinySense-RF units send the data via 2.5G modem to the cloud. Data is represented by the Inducon Datapanel.

Network consist of 250 RFSense Mesh nodes and 5 TinySense-RF modules working as network hubs for collecting all the data.

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